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The New Star Wars Hotel Struggles as Disney Fails to Fill Empty Rooms

In a galaxy far far away, Disneyworld would be filling Star Wars-themed hotel to maximum occupancy. However, according to recent trends it suggests the exact opposite is happening. When the Galactic Starcruiser first opened, people had to wait in a virtual Que just for the opportunity to possibly book a room. For two guests, it will run you just over forty-eight hundred dollars for a two-night stay. When you compare that to other Disneyworld hotels, that is extremely expensive. So, for the first time Disney is Turing to discounts on other hotels when you stay at the Star Wars themed hotel. "While the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience isn’t getting any cheaper for guests, Disney World is now offering a significant discount on other resort hotel stays when they are combined with the Galactic Starcruiser. If you book two additional nights at Walt Disney World you can save between $150 per night and $350 per night depending on which hotel you choose". For more information, please visit MSN.

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